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eco-friendly designsVision & Design

eco@jumrum has been developed by a pioneer eco-developer who believes the best way to truly appreciate nature is to live in its very heart – not separate from it.

The vision for the estate was to create an unparalleled rural residential development whereby home owners can live in and among the rainforest, in a cooler ‘tree-change’ environment where they can see and feel Australia’s tropical flora and fauna.

The estate name speaks for itself – you can achieve an eco lifestyle at Jumrum Creek. The estate logo is designed around the native Yam Vine that grows on rainforest trees in the estate.

The second design consideration was to be ecology and technology friendly.

We live in an increasingly connected world. Technology is a large part of people’s lives – and in the main it has delivered welcome benefits. However, technology uses power, so how do we enjoy its’ benefits while reducing our environmental footprint?

Fortunately, some of these technological breakthroughs have been in creating greener, more energy efficient, enviornmentally friendly alternatives. It’s a trend that is here to stay and the growing range of materials and choices mean people today can have eco-sound homes without sacrificing beauty or comfort. Indeed, some Australian companies are leading the way combining innovation with ageless wisdom to produce the smallest ecological footprint in decades.

Today, architects, builders and home owners have an unparalleled opportunity to create the most eco-friendly, award winning homes ever built in Australia. What better place to do that than in the beautiful natural expanse of the eco@jumrum estate?


Sshh… Imagine from your own verandah being able to spy on the rare tropical Bettong, Tree Kangaroos, Mahogany Gliders or the Ringtail.  To marvel at a Platypus or Hydromys playing in your creek.  To be mesmerised by the delicate beauty of the Ulysess Butterfly or the impressive size of the Cairns Birdwing Butterfly.  To hear the dawn chorus and if you are lucky catch a glimpse of a Paradise Kingfisher, a Wompoo Pigeon or Riflebird.

Then within a few minutes walk be able to socialise or exercise at the local Recreation Centre.  By car, you can be in the canopied streets of downtown Kuranda in just a few minutes, where you can enjoy a coffee from your favourite barista.  Cafes, restaurants, artisans, fashion and gift shops abound and if you felt like venturing further afield, drive to Cairns and catch the Big Cat to Green Island or snorkle and swim on the Great Barrier Reef.

Life does not get much better than this!  Relax, recharge, be inspired.  Live in the prestigious eco-community that shares your values.  Live at eco@jumrum.


eco@jumrum is a former cattle farm, parcels of which were last cleared over 18 years ago.  A section of remnant rainforest remains along with new growth forest that has been rengenerating for 18 years and today is widely spread across the estate and creeks.

This lush landscape has created a thriving bio-diversity, climate Screen shot 2014-08-12 at 4.54.49 PMconducive to the return of native flora and fauna that residents of eco@jumrum can enjoy at their leisure.