The Developer – A Pioneer In Green kuranda eco developmentDevelopment

Steve Taylor & Partners has been involved in premium Queensland property development for over thirty years. A hallmark of their projects has been a conservation ethos.

Steve Taylor & Partners simply love trees and it’s this passion for trees that makes eco@jumrum an unparalleled opportunity for nature-lovers wanting to have their dream home nestled in a glorious Kuranda rainforest.

An Australian pioneer in green property developments, Steve Taylor & Partners commitment to protecting native trees was demonstrated in The Gums Anchorage estate at Bribie Island that was developed in the 1980’s.

Fronting Pumicestone Passage, the site was the last undeveloped parcel of land in the midstScreen shot 2014-08-12 at 4.54.49 PM of fully cleared residential sites. Presiding over this premier position were huge native eucalypt trees that existed when Mathew Flinders visited on his mapping circumnavigation voyage of Australia in 1801. Steve Taylor & Partners had an “As Of Right Use” to remove all vegetation and build 80+ home units. Instead, they did everything possible to save the trees and reduced the number of units to 46.

In order to save the trees, Steve Taylor & Partners had a surveyor measure and plot the diameter of each tree trunk and the circumference of the leaf canopies. They then commissioned a helicopter to hover over the site and take countless photographs. With the architect, the developer then spent three-months going through thousands of configurations of the estate design to find the one that would benefit all concerned and save the trees. When the development commenced every precious ancient tree was wrapped in timber planks to avoid damage and every tradesman on site took absolute care to keep the trees safe and undamaged during the construction, in keeping with the developer’s ethos.

This project occurred in the early 1980’s when Bribie Island had a very active environmental lobby group that was anti-development. However, they applauded Steve Taylor & Partners vision for “The Gums Anchorage” and working with the developer were able to have Pumicestone Passage declared a Marine National Park.