sustainable house designCovenants

Comprehensive covenants apply to buildings erected on the estate to ensure alignment with the natural environment, to protect the regenerating rainforest and maintain high visual standards for all to enjoy.

The covenants’ environmentally sound Design Guidelines take into account Building Form and Appearance, Building Design and Construction and Landscaping. Some of the covenants many elements include specifications for the erection of any structure other than the house, letterboxes, location of garbage bins, fence heights and areas. For example, fencing is only required if a resident has domestic pets and then only the building envelope can be fenced, to maintain a natural corridor for native animals to freely roam throughout the estate.

Designers are encouraged to consider:

  • Orientation
  • Breezes
  • Solar Access
  • Views
  • Access
  • Relationship to adjoining allotments

And to create designs that:

  • Avoid prolonged exposure to summer heat and sun
  • Capture winter warmth and sun
  • Maximise natural lighting to living areas
  • Maximise area or private open space to the north and east portion of the lot

These are suggested to reduce the environmental impact and to ensure occupants can live in greater harmony with the seasonal conditions. The complete documented Covenants can be downloaded below.

Link to Covenants Document