Eco Lifestyle

eco lifestyle kurandaeco@jumrum is a place where you can create your dream eco home. Throughout this website there are links to a host of architects, builders, tradesman, suppliers and special manufacturers all dedicated to the cause of living green. It’s where you can turn your dream into reality. This list is by no means exhaustive; neither should it be construed as a recommendation of services or requirements when building. It is simply a starting point to help you on your journey and to provide you with inspiration to live your dream.

Eco Lifestyle

Eco living is increasingly becoming the way people want to live their lives for a host of compelling environmental, economical, social and health reasons.

How efficiently a house uses the resources of water, air, energy and waste determines its environmental sustainability. Good design, materials and fittings also impact the environmental footprint – as well as the lifelong cost of living in the home.

The great benefit of an ecologically sustainable house is its cost efficiency over the lifespan of the house. It balances up-front construction costs against the ongoing running costs, living costs, long term maintenance costs and the likely costs of future modifications, to provide a clearer picture of affordability.

Homes built to high environmental and economic standards also provide many other benefits:

  • Year round comfort because of their thermal and ventilation properties
  • An optional living temperature that’s significantly better for your health
  • Places where your family and friends want to gather

Plus, with an eco-home you know you are doing your bit to help the planet. It makes for peace of mind on so many levels.

With its regenerating native rainforests you can live at the ultimate Kuranda address and enjoy all the advantages of:

  • Ample precipitation
  • Cool shade, shelter and sound barriers
  • An environment that attracts birds, insects and animals that are important to bio-diversity and pollination. Imagine wallabies, pademelons, bandicoots, owls, curlews, scrub hens, green tree frogs and tropical butterflies such as the stunning Ulysses variety in your own backyard
  • Fresh oxygen – remember photosynthesis and how trees help repair the ozone layer
  • Privacy
  • Not to mention the sublime beauty of overlooking a sea of green trees

If you are interested in creating an amazing design that incorporates some or many eco innovations, you may also want to subscribe to Sanctuary – Australia’s only magazine dedicated to sustainable house design.